Why is there Black Cylinder at the End of Power Cord?

You may see your home or office a Black Cylindrical object used at the end of the power cords, laptop charging cables, printers, typical computer system cables, and other electronic devices such as medical equipment.

Do you know, what is this cylindrical module, and what its purpose? — Here is the answer!

What is the Cylindrical module on Cables?

This cylindrical module is called a ferrite bead, EMI filter, ferrite choke, or, more generally, a choke (made from iron oxide alloyed with other metals) is commonly seen on external cabling with its plastic shell.

The wire is passed only once through a black cylinder ferrite bead or simply wrapped around the core through the center more than five times.

Why is there a Ferrite bead on Cables?

Any conductive cable acts as an antenna - if the device produces radio-frequency (RF) energy, this can be transmitted through the Cable, which acts as an unintentional radiator.

A ferrite bead is used to prevent the Cable from broadcast signals and act as a passive low-pass filter.

Essentially, its purpose is to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) & radio-frequency interference (RFI), by dissipating them to heat — this is why you find the Ferrite beads at the end of the power cord.

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