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908S JCD Soldering Iron Tool Kit for Professional Works


908S-20 JCD Soldering iron tool kit equips you with the essential tools needed to effortlessly join and mend electronic components. All tools are managed in a portable black-yellow cloth bag.

The high-quality 908S 80W LCD electric soldering iron (EU/US) ensures rapid heating and adjustable temprature control, enabling seamless soldering experiences. Whether you're a hobbyist, DIY enthusiast, or a skilled professional, this JCD Kit promises reliability and precision for all your soldering projects.

Tool 1: JCD 908S Electric Soldering Iron

The JDS soldering iron series 908S is a 80W electric soldering iron with one hand control temprature up to 500°C including LCD, 5 seconds rapid heating feature, bid farewell to the long preheating time, safe ventilation holes (four), and comfortable non-slip treatment, which guarantees seamless soldering experiences.

JCD 908S electric soldering iron parts
The soldering iron comes with a pre-loaded soldering bit. It can be removed easily if it need to replace for applying different soldering methods. The temprature of soldering iron bit is adjust by pressing the buttons (white button for decrising and red button for increasing) on the plastic body.

The quick technical specification of the soldering iron as follows:

  • Operating Voltage (EU): AC 220 ~ 240V
  • Operating Voltage (US): AC 100 ~ 130V
  • Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Max. Power: 80W
  • Temprature Adjusting Range: 180 ~ 500°C [356 ~ 932°F]
  • Temprature Stability: ±5°C
  • Heating Type: Wmore Ceramic Element
  • Soldering Iron Bit Support: 900M to B1.2
  • Cable Lenght: 1.4 meter / 55.12 inches
  • Soldering Iron Size: About 242 x 25 x 25 mm / 9.6 x 0.98 x 0.98 inches
  • Weight: 135g

Tool 2: Soldering Bits

The kit includes five additional soldering bits with different tips: Pointed or Conical, Blade or Knife, screwdriver or Chisel, Bevel, and Flow.

Tool 3: Solder Wire Tube with Tin-Lead Alloy

A high-purity 0.8mm solder wire tube tool with 20gm 60/40 Tin-Lead alloy is included for the effortless achievement of professional-grade soldering joints.

Tool 4: Curved Tweezer

A Curved tweezer is included in the kit for enhanced precision and ease of use during intricate soldering tasks.

The curved design of the tweezers allows for better access to tight spaces and delicate components, ensuring accurate placement and manipulation. This feature proves invaluable when working on intricate electronic projects or other detailed soldering applications, making the soldering process more efficient and effective.

Tool 5: Desoldering Pump

The Desoldering Pump is a solder tin suction device given in the kit bag to remove the excess solder and components from circuit boards. This tool is essential for beginners and experienced solderers, as it allows for efficient and precise desoldering without damaging the underlying components.

Follow these steps for effective desoldering using this tool:

  1. Prepare Your Workspace: Ensure your workspace is well-lit and clutter-free. Safety is important, so wear appropriate protective gear such as safety glasses.
  2. Heat the Solder Joint: Use a soldering iron to heat up the solder joint you want to remove. Apply gentle pressure with the soldering iron's tip to melt the solder.
  3. Position the Desoldering Pump: While the solder is molten, position the nozzle of the desoldering pump close to the solder joint. Make sure the plunger is fully in the "up" position.
  4. Activate the Pump: With the solder joint molten, press the button or trigger on the desoldering pump. This action creates a vacuum within the pump.
  5. Release the Plunger: As you press the button or trigger, the plunger will release, creating suction that draws the molten solder up into the pump's chamber.
  6. Inspect and Repeat: After releasing the button, carefully lift the desoldering pump away from the solder joint. Inspect the joint to ensure the excess solder has been removed. If needed, you can repeat the process to remove any remaining solder.
  7. Clean the Pump: To clear the solder from the pump, hold the pump over a waste container and press the plunger to expel the collected solder.
  8. Cool Down: Allow the solder joint and the desoldering pump to cool down before moving on to the next step or task.

Tool 6: Soldering Iron Spring Stand + Sponge

A metal-based soldering iron spring stand and yellow sponge are given in the kit bag.

The Spring Stand is designed to securely hold the soldering iron when not in use. This prevents accidental contact between the hot soldering iron tip and any surface, which could cause damage or pose a fire hazard.

The sponge serves as a crucial accessory for maintaining the soldering iron tip's cleanliness and effectiveness. During soldering, flux residues and oxidized solder can accumulate on the tip, hampering its ability to transfer heat effectively. By dampening the sponge and gently wiping the tip, solder residues are removed, restoring optimal heat transfer and ensuring precise soldering.

Tool 7: Mini Plastic Wire Stripper

A mini plastic wire stripper is provided in the kit for more convenient, efficient, and removal of insulation without damaging the wires.

Other: 24 AWG Silicon Wires

Two 24 AWG red and black silicon wires are included in the kit bag. You can use them in your electronics projects to supply power.

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