Mosquito Killer Bat Circuit Working Explanation

Mosquitos are like tiny vampires and present in every corner of the world. These are truly a nuisance, as they not only cause painful itching in the bite area but also have the potential to spread horrible diseases such as malaria. No matter how much you try to reduce their population, mosquitoes just keep growing in numbers.

A cool way to eliminating these "devils" insects through electrocution. A mosquito killer bat is designed just for this. In the market, you will find mosquito bat priced at around Rs 100-150. But the question arises do you know how does a mosquito killer bat works, what inside the handle, and mosquito killer bat circuit diagram? Let's learn about Mosquito killer bat and Circuit diagram with working explanation.

What is a Mosquito killer bat?

A mosquito killer bat is also called electric flyswatter, mosquito bat, racket zapper or zap racket. These devices are hand-held and similar to look badminton racket or tennis racket. Inside the handle of a mosquito killer bat contains an electric reachable battery and a circuit board.

The mosquito killer bat circuit is made with an electric oscillator, a step-up transformer, a voltage multiplier, and a charging unit that charges the electric battery. This circuit similar to the circuit in an electroshock weapon or stun gun, but the output voltage of mosquito bat much lower power about 500 to 3000 volts of direct current.

How does a Mosquito killer bat work

The mosquito bat will be activated by pressing and holding the button. The grid of the device electrically charged, a fly nearly bridges in the gap between electrodes, a spark jumps through the fly and high voltage burns it.

Are Mosquito bats Dangerous for humans

  • For safety reasons, may mosquito bats have a three-layer grid to prevent people from touching both electrodes.
  • A limit on the charge stored in the capacitor and discharge of less than 45 micro coulombs (µC) which is considered safe. So there is no possibility that currents from the electric flyswatter will flow from one arm to the other, partly through the heart. This means that the capacitor of 1000V electric flywater should be less than 45 nanofarads (NF).
  • The maximum continuous flow of most electric flywater is less than 5 milliamps (mA) current after the initial discharge. This secretion is safe, even when flowing from one arm to the other.

Mosquito killer bat Circuit diagram

Schematic of mosquito killer bat circuit shown below.

Working principle of Mosquito killer bat circuit

The working principle of mosquito killer bat circuit is explained in detail here. The circuit board of a mosquito killer bat aka mosquito flyswatter is a combination of three different circuits namely charging circuit, high voltage generator circuit, and voltage multiplier circuit.

Charging Circuit

A mosquito killer bat circuit gets power from an electric reachable battery. Therefore a charging circuit needed to charge the battery. This type of circuit is known as the transformerless power supply or capacitive power supply. After a full charge, the battery gives services 5 to 8 hr (depending on the users).

High Voltage Generator Circuit

A high voltage generator circuit is the most important part of the mosquito killer bat circuit. This circuit converts the low DC voltage to high voltage AC voltage about 200 to 230 V.

The joule thief concept is used in this inverter circuit, wherein only a single NPN transistor and a center-tapped transformer execute sustainable oscillation across the two winding of the transformer.

Transformer Core Type

Transformer Core Type
Transformer Details -
  • Models: EE16 Transformer.
  • Dimension: 17mm x 16mm.
  • Type: High Frequency Transformer.
  • Phase: Single.
  • Winding Structure: EE.
  • Bobbin Material: Thermal insulation board.
  • Working Frequency: 1 kHz-200 kHz.

Here is a small EE-type ferrite core transformer used and no air gaps between them. The primary winding (L1) is 30 turns with 0.2mm copper wire, feedback winding (L2) is 10 turns with 0.2mm copper wire and secondary winding (L3) 450 turns with 0.05mm copper wire.

Voltage Multiplier Circuit

As we see high voltage generator circuit converts the voltage about 200 to 230 V, which could not build up the required voltage to create the spark between two electrodes in the mosquito killer bat. Therefore a voltage multiplier circuit needed to step up the voltage.


  1. Which transistor is used in this Chinese mosquito zapper circuit?

    1. You can use d2583, d882, d8050 or equivalent transistor.

  2. Great explanation sir...

  3. what is the total cost circuit with battery.

    1. You will not find these Circuit board readymade in the market or online stores.

      You have to buy a Mosquito Killer Bat first.

      After that, when you open it, you will get a circuit board and a rechargeable battery (make sure the bat has a rechargeable facility).

  4. C1 specification 0.68 micro farad and voltage?

  5. What will be rating of the battery

    1. Mostly, a 4 V 1000-1500mAh lead acid battery is used.

      However, there is some bat that uses one or more 3.7 V 2000mAh lithium batteries and for this, the charging circuit is also different (you can use here tp4056 module).

  6. Is 223 outout capacitor is 2kv AC or 2kV Dc

    1. It is 22nF 2KV AC and pulse metallized polypropylene (PP) film capacitor.

  7. Is the transformer turns ratio are correct to step up 3V to 200V?

  8. What may be the fat for fluctuating dc charging voktsge 6volts. It is fluctuating between 6 to 80 volts. Changed .68capacitor also. Please give hints.

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