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Electric Shock Pen Circuit Working Explanation

Most of us at our young age might have come across shock pen or electric lighter or chewing gum prank which when clicked will give that annoying person a strong, but harmless electric shock!

These Chinese devices are work on the same concept and still sold on online stores priced at around Rs 45-200 (approx $0.5-3).

But the question arises do you know how does an electric shock pen works, what inside of it, and electric shock pen circuit diagram? Let's learn about Electric shock pen and Circuit diagram with working explanation.

What is an Electric shock pen?

Electric shock pen or prank pen looks like a fancy ball point click-top pen, when your victims pressing and holding this pen tip button, the device will produce a harmless ~500V, 10mA output that is enough to cause them to jump.

Are Electric shock pen Dangerous for humans

An Electric shock pen is harmless but use it at your own risk.

It has the potential to harm by electric shocks, even small ones, traumatize, and inflict pain on the victim's body.

The shock also can trigger the continuous contraction of body muscles, rendering the target immobilized and unable to go off the shock pen.

This device is not recommended for:
  • Children under 14 years old,
  • Adults over 50 years old, and
  • Persons with any medical conditions.

Internal components of Electric shock pen

Electric shock pen internal components are compact and arranged in such a way to fit easily inside a click-top pen.

Inside the body of this gadget contains three main components i.e. a flyback transformer, a chip, a push button, and some non-rechargeable button cell batteries.

Flyback transformer. A small size 3-pin radial inductor core is used where the primary winding is 3 terns with 0.05mm copper wire, the secondary winding is 450 turns with 0.01mm copper wire. It is used to step-up the input voltage.

Chip. It is a hidden circuitry used to convert dc-ac and drive the transformer.

Push-button. Used for on/off the whole circuit.

Battery. Mostly, 3 to 4 non-rechargeable 1.5v button cell (LR44) batteries are used to power the circuit board.

Electric shock pen Circuit diagram

Schematic of an electric shock pen circuit shown below, and this same circuit is also used in chewing gum, keychain, prank toys, etc. shock gadgets.

Working principle of Electric shock pen circuit

As I told before that all shock prank gadgets circuits are the same and simple.

The circuit gets the power from the non-rechargeable button cells where the cells are connected in parallel.

When the victim presses the tip of the click-top pen, inside a push-button attached to it and activates the circuit.

Initially, a chip converts the input d.c. voltage to a.c. voltage with a high frequency (30 Hz), therefore the circuit continuously short and open by the primary winding (L1) of a flyback transformer.

Case 1. In Short-circuit, the total input power (i.e. 6V) passes through the L1 to the battery and the winding store energy from the input in the form of magnetic energy.

Case 2. In Open-circuit, the chip internally disconnects the transformer primary winding (L1) discharges the store energy through the secondary winding (L2), and step-up the input voltage (approx. 213V AC) with low current.

This process happens very first, hence the high voltage passes through the victim's body and gets a shock.


  1. Nothing is mentioned about the chip please éxplain

  2. What would be the current that is transferred to the hand to shock the person?

    1. Come on , Its the Voltage Not the current .

  3. How many milliamps does the shock pen deliver?

    1. The Electric Shock Pen device will produce a harmless ~500V, 10mA output that is enough to make a prank with your victims.

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