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LED Flip Flop with 555 Timer

In this electronics project, we will make a LED flip flop circuit with a popular 555 integrated circuit. This is a simple circuit designed, just assemble the circuit in a breadboard and connect the power supply, LEDs will automatic starts blinking. Let's make it.

Components List

The following components are needed for this project.

  1. 555 Timer IC (1 pcs).
  2. 1KΩ Resistor (1 pcs).
  3. 100KΩ Resistor (1 pcs).
  4. 4.7uF 50V Capacitor (1 pcs).
  5. 5mm Green LED (1 pcs).
  6. 5mm Red LED (1 pcs).
  7. Breadboard (1 pcs).
  8. AA 1.5V Battery (2 pcs)
  9. Jumper Wires (as per required).

Circuit Diagram

Schematic of led flip flop circuit with 555 timer IC shown below.

In this circuit diagram,

  • U1 - 555 Timer IC.
  • R1 - 1KΩ Resistor.
  • R2 - 100KΩ Resistor.
  • C1 - 4.7uF 50V Capacitor.
  • D1 - 5mm Green LED.
  • D2 - 5mm Red LED.

Circuit Explanation

555 timer IC (U1) is used herein as an astable operating mode, which generates a continuous output in the form of a square wave via pin-3, which turns the 5mm red and green LED on/off.

If you want to add more LEDs in this flashing LED circuit, connect them parallel with each LED.

You may adjust the frequency and nature of flashing by changing the values of the C1, and R2.

This led flip flop circuit can be powered by 3.7V to 5V supply (here I used two AA 1.5V batteries in series).

Complete Circuit

After complete the led flip flop circuit in a breadboard with 555 timer IC shown below.

Demo & Testing

Video: Testing the led flip flop in a breadboard.


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