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50WATT - 50LED Brick LED Flood Light

The Full Metal Body waterproof landscape 50WATT AC 220-240V powered pure cool white 50LED brick LED flood light for Indoor and Outdoor. It comes with 2KV Surge Protection, Rohs complaint, Ip66 Rated, Heavy Multi Angle Mounting Clamp, and can save 85% of your electricity costs. The working ability of this brick LED flood light is up to 50,000 hours with 5000 lumens.

Here, I will show you the internal view of this 50W flood LED light, circuit diagram, working explanation, and many more.

The LED Flood Light circuit is not for beginners. There is a chance for a fatal shock if anyone touched the circuit board.


The quick specification of this brick LED flood light is given below.
  • Watt: 50
  • Power Factor: 0.90
  • Lumens: 5000
  • No. of LED Chips: 50
  • Input: AC 220-240V
  • Output: DC 85-300V
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Efficiency: 85%
  • Surge: 2KV
  • Protection: IP-66

Internal View / Components

The 50WATT - 50LED brick LED flood light is made with three main components [See the below image].

Full metal body with Multi-Angle Mounting Clamp. It can accomplish speedy welding by temporarily holding and mounting the flood light.

50Watt 50LED Chipset Panel. It has an inbuilt LED driver circuit, which can efficiently drive the 50 LEDs (3528 chip). The heat of the LED panel disappears by the metal body.

Light Diffuser Panel. This diffuser panel is made with hard plastic, that is used for reduces harsh shadows, balance the lighting effects, and give us soft bright light.

Circuit Diagram

The schematic of the 50Watt 50LED chipset panel circuit is shown below.

[Circuit SMD Components - D1: MB10F Bridge Rectifier, LED1 to LED50: 3528 LED Chip, U1 & U2: JW19818 IC, R1 & R2: 9R1 Resistor.]

Circuit Explanation

The circuit is simple with few external components, very low BOM cost, and operates with AC 220-240V 50-60Hz mains voltage. When the LED panel is powered, the Bridge Rectifier (D1) converts the input AC voltage to DC voltage active the (U1, U2) ICs. These two ICs are single channel linear LED drivers with 500V MOSFET integrated. Also, provides over-temperature protection, which can help chip cooling. The output current is set by the external resistor (R1, R2). This current control strategy ensures high output current accuracy. The 50LED chips are connected in series with the driver output. The output automatically adjusts and gives a very bright pure cool white lighting.

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  1. JW19818 Chip says 4 watt power , while 50 watt leds connected to 2 chips. Can anyone explain.


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