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8V 1A Power Supply Circuit using 7808 Voltage Regulator

In this project, I will show you an 8V 1A Power Supply Circuit using a 7808 Voltage Regulator. It only requires an input 230V AC supply, and the circuit gives its output positive 8V 1A DC Max. Let's make it!

Components List

The following components are required to make this power supply circuit.

S.no Components Value Qty
1 Voltage Regulator (U1) IC 7808 1
2 Step-down Transformer (TR1) 230V /12V, 1A 1
3 Diode Bridge (BR1) 1N7004 4
4 Polar Capacitor (C1) 2200uF, 25V 1
5 Non-polar Capacitors (C2, C3) 330nF, 100nV 1, 1
6 Aluminium Heat Sink - 1
7 Breadboard /Veroboard - 1
8 Connecting Wires - -

7808 Voltage Regulator Features

The IC 7808 Voltage Regulator has some good features they are,
  • IC 7808 +8V 1A regulator
  • The operating voltage is dc 5v to 18v
  • Output current maintains 1 Ampere
  • Internal Short Circuit Current Limiting
  • Internal Thermal Overload Protection
  • Internal Safe–Area Compensation
  • Output Voltage Tolerance is 2% to 4%
  • Temperature Range of –40°C to +125°C

7808 Voltage Regulator Power Supply Circuit Diagram

The schematic of 8v 1amp power supply circuit using a 7808 voltage regulator is shown below.

Working of 7808 Voltage Regulator Power Supply Circuit

The main component of this regulated power supply circuit is a positive voltage regulator IC 7808, a monolithic integrated circuit designed for 8V fixed–voltage. The working principle of this 8V power supply circuit is easy.

When the circuit gets input ac 230V to the primary of a transformer (T1), step down the voltage to ac 12v 1amp on its secondary. Next, the step-down ac voltage rectifies and converts ac-dc voltage using a full bridge rectifier (BR1) circuit. A capacitor C1 smoothing and filtering the dc voltage. This 12V dc voltage is regulated by the voltage regulator IC (U1) to a constant 8V dc, extra voltage covert in heat (a suitable aluminium heat sink recommended). The capacitors (C2, C3) are used in the circuit the reducing the ripple noise. Thus this power supply circuit gives 8v 1amp dc output.

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