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Audio Amplifier Circuit using TA7222AP

In this project, I will show you a power audio amplifier circuit design using a TA7222AP IC. It requires very few external parts. This audio power amplifier circuit gives 5.8 Watt audio output to a 4 Ohms load at 12V DC supply voltage.

Components List

The following components are required to make TA7222AP Audio Amplifier Circuit.

S.no Components Value Qty
1 Amplifier IC (IC1) Toshiba TA7222AP IC 1
2 Resistor (R1) 27K Ohm, 1/4W 1
3 Resistor (R2) 220 Ohm, 1/4W 1
4 Variable Resistor (RV1) 100K Ohm 1
5 Polar Capacitors (C1, C2, C3, C4) 470uF, 16V 1, 1, 1, 1
6 Polar Capacitor (C2) 4.7uF, 50V 1
7 Non-Polar Capacitor (C6) 100nF 1
8 Loud Speaker (LS1) 4 Ohm 1
9 Aluminium Heat Sink - 1
10 Breadboard /Veroboard - 1
11 Connecting Wires - -
12 DC Source 12V 1

Toshiba TA7222AP Audio Amplifier Features

  • Audio Muting function
  • Adjustable Closed-loop gain
  • Low distortion
  • High ripple rejection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Excessive supply voltage protection
  • Thermal shut-down

TA7222AP Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram

The schematic of a 5.8 watt audio amplifier circuit using ta7222ap ic is shown below.

TA7222AP Audio Amplifier Circuit Explanation

The main component of this circuit is a TA7222AP amplifier (IC1), which has ten-pin terminals.

Vcc terminal 1 connects to the +12V power supply and GND terminals (7, 8) to the ground for powering the amplifier circuit. Here, terminal 7 is the input stage, and terminal 8 is the output stage. Ripple terminal 2, muting control terminal 3, and gain adjust terminal 6 are not required in the circuit. Input terminal 4 connects to an external audio signal input terminal through R1, C2, and VR1. Here, VR1 controls the audio input signal. Feedback terminal 5 connects to the ground through R2 and C3. C5 is connected between output terminal 9 and boot-strap terminal 10. Terminal 9 connects to the ground through C6 and also connects with a 4 Ohm speaker (LS1) through C4.

This 5.8 Watt audio amplifier circuit can be assembled on a Vero board. You must be used a suitable Aluminium Heat Sink with the amplifier IC TA7222AP.

Applications of TA7222AP Audio Amplifier Circuit

  • Used in car stereos, car radios, and Hi-Fi audio setups.
  • Used as an integral part of home theatre setups.
  • Used as High-power megaphones and acoustic systems.

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