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12V To 5V USB Power Supply Using 7805 Voltage Regulator

In this electronics project, I will demonstrate how to make a DC to DC power supply that converts a 12V input to a regulated 5V output using a 7805 integrated circuit.

This power supply is specifically designed for USB applications, enabling you to power various electronic devices and even charge your smartphone, smartwatch, and other compatible devices. Whether you are working on Electronics projects or utilizing Arduino, this voltage regulator circuit can serve as a reliable +5V power supply with a maximum 1A output current.

Let's make it!

Components for 12V to 5V USB Power Supply

The following components are required to make this power supply:

Name Value Qty.
U1: Voltage Regulator IC 7805 1
C1: Flim Capacitor 0.33uF 1
C2: Flim Capacitor 0.1uF 1
D1: LED 3mm 1
R1: Resistor 1kΩ, 1/4W 1
J1: Connector DC Barrel Jack 1
J2: Connector USB Type-A Jack 1
Aluminium Heat Sink 20MM 1
Veroboard 50MM x 20MM (W x L) 1
Connecting Wires - -
Soldering Iron Kit - -

12V to 5V USB Power Supply Circuit Diagram

Schematic of the 12v to 5v usb power supply circuit using 7805 voltage regulator is shown below.

After Soldering 5V USB Power Supply Circuit

I arranged the components and soldered the 12V to 5V USB power supply circuit onto a Veroboard following the schematic. Here, you can see the complete circuit board after the soldering.

Testing & Demo: 5V USB Power Supply

To test the circuit, I supplied a 12V DC source and checked the output voltage using a digital multimeter, which displayed a voltage of 5V (approx).

Then, I connected a type-A connector to the 5V USB Power Supply and used it to charge a 3.7V Lithium-Ion cell through a TP4056 Charging circuit which did a full charge within 1hr 30min.

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