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Single Cell 10 LED Flashlight

In this electronics project, I will demonstrate how to make a high-efficiency LED flashlight capable of driving the 10 LEDs with a 1.2 V or 1.5 V single cell.

This flashlight is designed to work continuously for 3 to 6 hours, ensuring reliable long-term operation even in sub-zero temperatures.

Let's make it!

Components for LED Flashlight

The following components are required to make this flashlight circuit:

Name Value Qty.
D1 to D10: White LED 4.8 MM, 3.2-3.4 V @ 20mA 10
Q1: NPN Power Darlington Transistor TIP120 1
R1: Resistor 470Ω, 1/4W 1
D11: Schottky Diode SK24 1
C1: Electrolytic Capacitor 10uF, 35V 1
B1: Single Cell 1.2 V Ni-Cd/Ni-Mh AA or 1.5 V AA 1
SW1: Switch Push Button 1
T1: Magnetic Ferrite Core Small Size Toroid 1
Insulated Copper Coil 0.2 - 0.4 MM 1
Veroboard 85MM x 7MM & 20MM x 20MM (W x L) 2
Connecting Wire - -
Soldering Iron Kit - -

10 LED Flashlight Circuit Diagram

Schematic of the 10 LED flashlight circuit for single cell is shown below.

After Soldering LED Flashlight Circuit

I arranged the components and soldered the LED panel circuit and LED driver circuit separately onto a Veroboard following the schematic. Here, you can see the complete circuit board after the soldering.

Demo & Testing - 10 LED Flashlight with Single Cell

This high-efficiency LED driver circuit can drive up to 10 LEDs and starts working at an input voltage of 0.4 Volts. It consumes approximately 80-90 milliampere from 1.2 Volts onwards. The correct operating voltage range is up to 3.5 Volts.

To testing the circuit, I just connect a 1.2 V Ni-Cd AA cell to the circuit board and press the push button. Here, you can see the super high brightness of this LED flashlight.

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