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EGS002 Pure Sine Wave Inverter


In this project, I will show you how to make a compact full sinusoidal inverter using EGS002 SPWM driver board, which can convert the input 12V DC to 220V AC output with 50/60Hz pure sine wave.

This is 100W EGS002 Pure Sine Wave Inverter

This inverter can power electric appliances up to 300 watts during emergency situations when electricity is not available in your house or can also be highly useful for camping and outdoor work where electricity is unavailable to operate low wattage tools like mobile/tablet charger, mini-drills, soldering equipment, and LED bulbs.

Let's make it!

Components list for this Homemade Inverter

The following components are required to make this Pure Sine Wave Inverter:

Name Value Qty.
U1: Inverter Driver Module EGS002 SPWM 1
Q1 to Q4: N-Channel MOSFET IRF3205 4
Q5: NPN Transistor TIP31 1
D1 to D4: Diode 1N4148 4
D5 to D8: Diode 1N4007 4
R1 to R4: Resistor 10Ω, 1/4W 4
R5 to R8: Resistor 10kΩ, 1/4W 4
R9: Shunt Resistor 0.01Ω 1
R10, R11: Resistor 100kΩ, 1/4W 2
R12: NTC Temprature Sensor 10kΩ 1
R13: Resistor 2.2kΩ, 1/4W 1
VR1: Variable Resistor 10kΩ 1
C1: Capacitor 2.2uF, 400V 1
C2: Capacitor 2.2uF, 25V 1
C3: Capacitor 100uF, 25V 1
C4: Capacitor 10uF, 25V 1
C5: Capacitor 470nF 1
T1: UPS Transformer 7V /220V, 500W 1
U2: Voltage Regulator IC 7805 1
U3: DC Fan 12V, 25mA 1
Heat Sink Aliminium 1
Insulation Pads with Plastic Washers Rubber/Plastic 2
Washers Plastic 2
17 Header Pin Female 1

EGS002 Pure Sine Wave 300W Inverter Circuit Diagram

Schematic of the 300w pure sine wave inverter circuit with egs002 spwm driver board is shown below.

Schematic of EGS002 Pure Sine Wave 300W Inverter Circuit

I ordered the custom-designed PCB from www.PCBWay.com, and after a few days of waiting, I received the high-quality PCB.

This is custome design pcb of egs002 pure sine wave 100w inverter

Here, I'm sharing the egs002 pure sine wave inverter PCB Gerber file. You can download it and order it at a very affordable price from PCBWay. The circuit can handle 300W when the thickness of the copper on the outer layer is greater than 4 oz Cu.

PCB Connection Pinout Instractions

After soldering all components onto the shared EGS002 pure sine wave inverter PCB according to the schematic -

The connection pinout for input, transformer primary & secondary, and output

Follow the provided pinouts for connecting the transformer primary & secondary terminals to the PCB, as well as the power input DC and output AC connections.

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